Proud to be Announcing our 15th Season!


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Judy James - Owner of Gym and Head Coach
Kim Douglas - Office Manager

Whileen Plantenga - Front Desk Assistant

Melissa Stirling - Head Coach Tumbling

Heather Peterse - Assistant Head Coach

Stephanie Lanyon - Coach L1, 2, 3, 4

Katerina Kamagianis - Coach L1, 3, 4

Alyssa Plantenga - Coach L1, 2 and recreational

Ciara Spink - Caoch L1

Daryl - Coach L1

Angela LaPlante - Coach Prep and Tumbling

For information about becoming a Valley Star cheerleader and joining our organization please send an email with the requested information.
Once we received your request it will be reviewed and responded to by the program coordinator.
Please put the following information in your email:

  1. Full first and last name for child
  2. Age of child
  3. Parent name for contact
  4. Phone number where can be reached (during what hours on what days)
  5. Email address

We have many ways for you to contact us:
Office Phone number  604.556.3374
Email to Judy James (founder)