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Competitive and Elite Teams


Cheerleading at it's finest!


Both require a ten-month commitment from athletes and families and have strict attendance policies, with cheer expected to be the extra-curricular priority. Athletes and families are asked to manage their time accordingly to prevent missed practices due to school assignments, vacations, appointments, etc. Attend each and every practice and competition on time and plan vacations accordingly. We only ask you do your best but realize school must come first.  Attend all practices on time and ready, to practice.

Attendance policies are tough for competitive cheer teams as it is impossible for stunt groups to practice effectively with any athlete missing! Our sport has no “spare” positions, every member is a valuable part of the team and routine. If every cheerleader missed one practice that would be 20+ practices without the full team! As such, if athletes miss practice without a valid reason or notification in advance they may return to a new spot/role/formation in the routine. Continued absences will result in removal from the team.



Level 1 competitive cheer teams are a ten-month commitment for athletes and parents looking to become a part of the Valley family, focusing on team work, friendship, skill building and hard work. All practices are mandatory with summer training camps in July and August and fall team practices beginning in September. These practices go until the end of May and are twice a week. Level 1 teams will compete at 5-6 competitions from January 2018 to April 2018. Teams compete in a uniform, bow & cheer shoes, and have mandatory practice gear. You will be provided with a Registration Package and all pertinent information with registration. Our competitive teams include the following (based on enrollment each season/age at Aug 31st).


It will be up to head coach what skills are accepted on each team.


Elite cheer teams (Level 2-4) are for athletes who are serious about making a commitment to their team and are dedicated to hard work, and want to enrich their experience through expanded opportunities to compete and travel. Summer training camps in July and August are mandatory along with fall team practices twice/week from September-May.  Athletes on these teams must be prepared to make every effort to attend ALL PRACTICES and schedule/plan carefully to ensure they are prepared to be a true team player and put the team ahead of themselves.

If you plan to take vacations between September-April (outside the school calendar holidays) or have other serious commitments that will conflict, competitive cheer may not be the best choice for you. Athletes on elite teams compete throughout the season as outlined in a competition schedule published at registration time. Elite teams travel to compete at various locations in BC, Washington and Oregon State. Every two years there is an additional “destination” travel competition to a large Nationals event so that the teams can compete against stronger US teams to push their skills and experience. To be considered for a spot on an elite team, athletes MUST attend team placements in May or arrange to have a private assessment with a senior coach. Athletes must meet skill requirements for the team level. Our elite teams include the following (based on enrollment each season/age at Aug 31st).

Level 1 Skill Requirements:

Tumbling: cartwheels, forward/backward rolls, front/back walkovers, handstand rolls, round-offs, running tumbling combinations of these skills, smiles and energy!

Level 2 Skill Requirements:

Tumbling: standing back handspring, back walkover back handspring, front walkover, front handspring, combination running tumbling combinations involving back handspring step-outs and series back handsprings, smiles and energy!

Level 3 Skill Requirements:

Tumbling: series back handsprings from standing, front tucks, aerials, jumps to immediate back handsprings, round-off back tucks, combination running tumbling passes ending in a back tuck, smiles, energy and a commitment to learning.

Level 4 Skill Requirements:

Tumbling: standing back tucks, standing back handspring series ending in tucks or layouts, jumps connected to back handsprings to tuck or layout & combination running tumbling passes ending in a layout.

Pre Tiny ages 2 to 3

Tiny  ages 3 to 6

Mini Level 1  ages 8 and under

Youth Level 1 age 11

Youth Level 2  ages 11 and under

JR Level 1  ages 14 and under

JR Level 2 ages 14 and under

JR Level 3  ages 14 and under

SR Level 3 All Girl  ages 10 to 18

SR Level 4 Open All Girl  ages 17 and over 

For more info on any of the classes please feel free to call or email.
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For information about becoming a Valley Star cheerleader and joining our organization please send an email with the requested information.
Once we received your request it will be reviewed and responded to by the program coordinator.
Please put the following information in your email:

  1. Full first and last name for child
  2. Age of child
  3. Parent name for contact
  4. Phone number where can be reached (during what hours on what days)
  5. Email address

We have many ways for you to contact us:
Office Phone number  604.556.3374
Email to Judy James (founder)